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Futaleufu is located in the north end of the Chilean Patagonia in “La Region de los Lagos” the X Region of the Lakes, 156 Km from Chaiten and nearby the border of Chile with Argentina.

For the complex geography between Puerto Montt and Chaitén, the Carretera Austral is cut and must be combined with ferries. So many prefer to go by Argentina and Futaleufu cross to continue heading south.

There are many ways to get to Futaleufu:

By Air:

From Buenos Aires – Argentina, fly direct to Esquel; or Buenos Aires to San Carlos de Bariloche then to Esquel. From Esquel there is a bus that will take you to the border with Chile.

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten (30 mins), then by bus to Futaleufu.

This is the easiest way to arrive from the Chilean side without entering into Argentina.

By Land:

From Puerto Montt to Osorno (Chile) thence to Argentina: arriving in San Carlos de Bariloche, continuing south to El Bolson, Esquel, Trevelin then cross the border back into Chile to the town of Futaleufu. There are buses that take you from Puerto Montt directly to Futaleufu.

By Sea:

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten in barge (10 hours) and from Chaiten by bus to Futaleufu (3 hours), everyday but Sundays.

Futaleufu from Puerto Montt (770km):


Directly Bimodal Rout: Every day from Puerto Montt Terminal Bus – 7.00hrs

BY FERRY: (Puerto Montt, Chaiten) or (Chiloe Island, Chaiten) then you would need to catch up the bus (Bus Cardenas – see “Futaleufu from Chaiten”).

BY AIRPLAIN: (Puerto Montt, Santa Barbara that is 10mins north of Chaiten) then you would need to catch up the bus (Bus Cardenas – see “Futaleufu from Chaiten”).

Futaleufu from Chaiten (156km):

By BUS: (Chaiten, Puerto Cárdenas, Villa Santa Lucía, Futaleufu) – 3 hours.

Futaleufu from Esquel (60km):

By BUS: (Esquel, Trevelin, Border Argentina/Chile: El Limite)

  • TRANSPORTES JACOBSEN (Argentina): (02945)45-3528 – Mon, Wed & Fri:07:30hs and 18:00hs from Esquel terminal bus –

Futaleufu from Coyhaique (420km):

By BUS: (Coyhaique, Mañihuales, Parque Nacional Queulat, Puyuhuapi, La Junta, Chaiten) Then you need to take a bus that comes to Futaleufu.

  • TRANSPORTES BECKER: +56+65+2721360 – Tuesday and Saturdays 8:00hs

Itinerary of Buses from/to Futaleufu: Futaleufu Buses

Important Tips:

  • We can help you with the reservation in advance when is needed.
  • This information may change any time depending on the carrier.